Common sense versus education

Between the two of us, Big Man and I have 2 advanced degrees and one can even call themselves a doctor. Hmmph. This means something to some people and might even get us a job or two, but in other areas, well, it doesn't always seem to negate the shortest route to success. Some might even suggest common sense might be a missing ingredient.

Cases in point:

A recent trip found us unable to rent a car since both of our licenses were expired.

A door jam removal that should have taken an hour became a day long project.

Did you read my blog about spring clean-up and squirt bottles of gasoline?

Garbage removal happens at the same time on the same day every week and still we miss it at least two times in one month.

Tax day is upon us and we are done. Today. But no one has called the accountant to make them aware of this fact.

Frequently, one of us is missing keys despite multiple sets.

Another one of us leaves pagers at home while on call to torture those living in the environs. This includes an African water frog who gets amped up by the noise and decides his call must compete with the call of a pager. This makes for the perfect writing atmosphere.

Rarely are forms filled out on time for school-related events. Checks must be run to school, calls must be made, and reminders get sent without asking since everyone has been trained so well in our deficiencies.

It does not stink to be us, but I do know it must be quite amusing to people who get to see us in action. People like my mom who witnessed the many errors of our ways during a recent visit, the contractor (whom I should have made sign some code of silence concerning our habits), and even our kids who must have journals full of entries that start with, " Did you see what they tried to do today?"

We'll claim a paycheck or two. I just hope we can remember where we put it.

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  1. Lisa - you are cracking me up!! I love reading your writing and I can so picture you and "Big Man" in your everyday occurrences you describe.

    For the record, Nate and I NEVER do any of these things - we are a highly organized machine in sync with each other's schedules and quirks...yeah, right! Actually, I've been listening to his pager go off for the last hour; alas he forgot to bring it with him...ugh!

    We have to connect soon! Take care!


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