More than restless....obsessed.

Ok, I have become obsessed. I received a little feedback from this Maybe you read it, maybe you didn't. I don't mind if you take the time to do so now. And sure, go ahead. Re-read it. It is completely worth your time.

Frankly, I have become a little obsessed. I've decided the message is too important than to just say, "Atta girl, Lisa. You squeaked out a good one." Because while I do think I did well on the writing part, it's the message that has been keeping me awake. I clearly didn't think this through and this is why the big guns have agents.

But what they don't have that I do is you. I am asking for your help. I'd like to get this article more widely published. So far, two papers and one on-line site have taken it--it's not bad, but I, no, we can do better.

I will kindly offer my favorite version-the long one with the picture because seriously--who can resist those eyes? And an edited version--one I picked apart and whittled down to the core and it was so painful because I was so attached....but anyway. The message is retained and it will seem more palatable to print-only papers.

Some of my friends and my mom might be worried that I will stop shaving and start leading "Kumbaya" spontaneously. Relax! Spring is coming, I have pride, and I can't sing.

But I can write. And badger. Lucky you! If you have any contacts whatsoever with any sort of publication, large or small, I will take it. If you have a friend, a friend of a friend, or spent time dog sitting this one guy's mom who worked for so and so, I want to know. If there are online publications I am not aware of, give me a tip. As one of my commentors said, "Where have I been? It's time to get the word out." Forward the link above yourself or send me an email at with the contacts and I will do the leg work.


It's a bad place to be, and I am not going back.

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