Do something that matters.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about where we place all the tragedy in the world. How do we walk around in a normal, fortunate life when the planet is filled with horrors that can be discovered within seconds of awakening? Everyday seems to bring something new. We can be grateful that we can text and click any amount scrounged together and pray it will go to someone who will put it to good use. But the aftershocks of the heart--how do we live with those?

In my brief stint on this planet, it's always been the helplessness that gets me and so far, I have only come to this: do something that matters for or in the name of someone or some cause, however big or small. It's likely the wars won't stop, the bodies will continue to pile up in Japan, and protestors around the world will have to take up their task for one more day. But, a dollar just might feed several small bellies, a phone call might save a life, a listening ear might provide some release for a grieving soul, and a letter might be the latest in thousands that propels someone with power into real action. It's a risk and a gamble, but the alternative seems so disrespectful to those bearing the brunt of the tragedies. In a world that defies logic, what other choice is there?


  1. Lisa,

    Some of your best writing yet... keep on keeping on.

    Jeff W.


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