The country mice visit the city.

The country mice decided on a city outing. Thing One loves the big city. Her eyes start to sparkle and her walk becomes a little strut and she starts to hum and sing and soak up the culture. We went to Chicago and crammed in as much as possible, especially when considering your natural state is that of a slug. This meant up and out by 8:00, back twelve hours later, and asleep by 9:00 in order to repeat this routine 2 more times.

Winona is a beautiful place to live, but it was fun to see a different side of life. Trains and taxis and buses and subways and lines and street musicians and fashion beyond tennis shoes and jeans and sculptures and languages not understood and performance art and a river dyed green for St. Patrick's Day and dog carriers nicer than any purse I've owned and serious sky scrapers. It was a visual extravaganza and choosing a focal point was difficult.

The rhythmn was different, invigorating , and yet another reminder that not everyone lives or acts or thinks like me. What a relief.

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