Been a long time gone

I know, I know.... to anyone who calls themselves a fan, I apologize. The last 10 days have been overwhelming. I am working on a post that does it justice so bear with me.

For now, take this:

Have you ever felt sucked into the vortex that is your home? Everywhere seems to suggest something that could be done, should be done, and For whatever reason, the kids, the dog, laziness, or a hangnail, these things continue to go unadressed and the feeling of swimming in mud becomes so second-nature that it's tempting to think things are ok. There are some people whom I can grudgingly call friends who will not know of this dilemma. These are people who live by the mantra, "Everything has it's place and everything in it's place." Weirdos. One day, though, it is time to go outside. Maybe it's the kids, the dog, or simple avoidance, but out you go and find snow. You look at it, smell it, and realize while it would be easy to be ticked off about this snow in March, it is March and March holds promise! Wouldn't it be nice if there were the equivalent of the magic of snow for the home--something that covers all the imperfections in a glistening blanket that provides an immediate sense of calm?

Only later will you wonder why you didn't come out sooner. Your new red door works. This sense of solitude could have been yours all along. It is disheartening to know you are dumber than originally thought.

Spring break.

It makes people crazy. Or maybe it's just making be crazy. Oh well. My red door works, and I will try not to forget.

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