Life Lessons

Recently, Thing 1 got into some serious trouble. It was the kind of trouble that makes everyone's heart ache. As a parent you think, "My kid did that?" As a kid you think, "Why did I do that?" Thing 1 knew quite quickly after the transgression that this was going to be quite some ordeal. There were talks and tears and agreed upon consequences and then this, "Mom, I have a head ache. I wish I could go back in time and do the right thing." Big sigh. Well, yes. I told her she had a sadness hang-over. The kind of head and body ache you get after lots of crying and the realization that you did something you regret and now...the hard with it. The next morning the head ache was still there. I told her this was good. Because don't we all want remorse in people when they do something wrong? And let me tell you, I was right there with her. I was sad and it was hard to sort out what was making it hardest on me- the anger I felt at the choice she made or watching the whole process unfold on her face and in her life. Of course, we all want to save our kids from pain...but darn those life lessons. They get you whether you want them or not.

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