It Looks Good on Paper

The little cafe next to The Book Shelf is having a Valentine's Dinner- 4 courses of local, pc fare that will make your heart swoon. But what I was most excited about was being made the hostess. The store kind of organizes the table seatings and times, does publicity, and takes the reservations. We take a small cut from this which helps in the downward economy for little bookstores. And I get a chance to host. Maybe. I sense the jury is still out on whether I am a suitable candidate. Said the chef to me, "You realize, Lisa, that people aren't coming to see you. It's Valentine's Day. They want a quiet evening with their paramour. They don't want to field questions and get razzed about anything. A good hostess has decorum." Uh....that means not me? So what if I might know 89% of the clientele. I can leave them alone. Seat them with the right amount of warmth and graciousness. I can bite my tongue and not ask about visiting grandkids or the latest book club pick or hospital fund raiser. I can resist small talk in the name of intimacy for the couple. I can. I CAN. I know I can. Just because I smile and laugh and chat a lot does not mean I don't know when to say when. Oh, ok. Maybe people don't want to see me. Maybe they want to escape after all. In a town this size, it is hard to go anywhere unnoticed. But in a town this size, it can also be a blessing to find a kind word anywhere you go. That seems to be in the spirit of love, doesn't it? Oh, I get it. It's just so hard. And secretly, I know people like it when I chat with them. It makes them feel special, especially in our little store. That's what sets up apart, right? But I can leave them alone for a romantic dinner. I am a big girl. I say, give me a chance. People will think I am ill from all the quietness I exude. I will be zen personified. Poor hubster will have to brace himself for the onslaught upon my return home. Hours of play by play that I hold in. But it works out. My words stored up will relieve him of any required response. A dream for him. Just sit and listen. I really see a win-win for all involved. Hubby gets out of a pressured-filled holiday, I get to see what people are up to, and the restaurant gets a warm, gracious, quiet hostess. Looks good on paper, right?

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