Getting out of January

January has been getting to us so we took the kids on a family "date"--this really just means we couldn't find a sitter and I did not want to cook. But the place was nice. It wasn't fancy, but there was a candle and with Ben this is always a risk. There was pizza offered so the complaints were few. Aside from suffering through a reading of Pokemon's Adventure, we were able to navigate ourselves into a pleasant conversation when it hit me again--how did I get here? We were discussing plans for the summer, which led to where we wanted to travel. Harry Potter Land, Paris, and Washington, D.C. were at the top of the list for the little ones. What? I thought. How can these be my kids? As a child, I never went anywhere on a trip where a relative didn't serve as the hotel. Lawrence, Nebraska anyone? Oh wait. We did go the Black Hills and if memory serves, someone had to wire us money to get home. And out to dinner ? Yeah, right. We felt lucky to go to McDonald's in the city and if things were really rolling our way, we'd come home with one of their special glass cups featuring one of those wacky McDonald's characters. I certainly don't remember feeling deprived. Oh, it was a different time and place. I am certain my parents felt we were spoiled rotten, too. McDonald's again? You guys don't know how lucky you are! A trip just for fun? Why, we never left the farm--there was work to be done! I do remember longing for Australia. I don't know why. I had a thing for koala bears. What I don't remember is if I thought getting there would be a reality. But the dreaming--it was enough. And for now, that conversation was enough. In January, what more can you ask for?

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