Blind leading the blind

I've been asked to sub for the teacher of an ECFE parent education class. Isn't that funny? Has she peeked in my windows all the while knowing the best way to get better at anything is to teach it? Maybe she heard my screeching,"Get. Your. Shoes. On." or found out about the hot dogs and chips for dinner. A friend must have told her I regularly break my own screen time rules and once declared, "You just watched a movie. That's your story. Good night." Or maybe she read my blog when I was grousing about being a tiger with a different tale and read between the lines- I just want to be a slacker. Whatever the case may be, the offer was made and I accepted. I do have that useful teaching license good for another 3 years so I might as well get something out of it. I will smile and nod and facilitate discussion with ease. I will ask tantalizing questions and help lead people toward their own answers. With luck, no one will notice while I furiously soak up the wisdom I so obviously need.

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