Timing Schmiming

Who says we don't know when to strike when the iron is hot? Or really cold. Of course it makes sense to install windows in the winter. There's that tax write-off that's set to expire on December 31st and seemed much farther away on November 1st. We're Minnesotan's for cripes sake. We're hardy--never mind those record breaking snowfalls! Your contractors come equipped with snowblowers and they blow out circles and paths around your house so now you have just saved yourself time trying to find a place for the dog to pee. Two birds. One stone.

Oh...and parties? We know the best time to have those, too. Have one while aforementioned windows are installed, but the trim is off so that you can let everyone see that you aren't much for details anyway. This sets the tone and keeps expectations low. Go ahead even when that pesky pipe above the garage breaks 2 hours before expected the party is supposed to start, listen to children whine and husband cuss, and let the dog skitter around as if rabid due to all the turmoil. Now that is time for a party if I ever saw one. Keep baking during all of this because what else is there to do? The electricity is still working after all. Oh, but first locate a
plumber with emergency service offered, call, and have him ask you this after you've explained the timing of the dilemma, " You want I should come out now?"

Oh well. So maybe our timing is off, but don't they say there is no time like the present?

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