Christmas Miracles

I don't have to leave the house. I see them everywhere!

Properly installed plumbing!
Oh heck- plumbing in general. We know we have it good.
Children creating and executing games together without fighting. Added bonus--not one screen was involved.
Meatballs. Crazy, right? But when all else fails, this is what I can make and everyone isn't just fed but happy! Again, who are we kidding? Like I should care when it's enough that bellies are full, but you know moms. We're a crazy lot, and we just have to make sure the brood isn't only cared for but satisfied.
Butter. It might not be a true miracle, but if you have ever dared to make a cookie worth it's salt (butter), you will know it is not really a cookie. So I am enjoying the pounds of butter that have flown through my hands to create the cookies I am sharing this season.
My common sense. I have forsaken cleaning in favor of baking to get to the spirit of giving this season. See above.
Snow tires. The untimely visit to a snow-laden ditch en route to a medical emergency in the midst of storm number 3 or 4 (I've lost track) finally inspired the purchase of said tires. They are amazing. They keep the car on the road and this seems miraculous.
More common sense. I know we are lucky beyond belief. In this crazy world, we are blessed with a warm home and all the things we truly need and a heap of extras. So I look outward, beyond this little space, and wonder if I can help someone make their own little Christmas miracles happen. I think I can. Can you?

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