Boomer, the traitor dog.

Granny is still on my mind. In her casket we included a bag of circus peanuts (she ate them until the end), a cross-stiched picture of a sheep, and a picture of her beloved Boomer. Boomer is a miniature dashchund that came into her life about a year before Grandpa died. Grandpa must have known his time was coming--he didn't want Grandma alone so he had my little brother search for a little dog for little grandma. Enter Boomer. Small he is, but he has an imperious gaze and rules whatever roost he lays claim to. He can make monster dogs quake...or at least retreat with their tail between their legs. At any rate, Boomer was Grandma's constant companion until she entered an assisted living facility and her heart broke to not have him near. Boomer went to live with my mom and that's when he broke her heart twice. Grandma was a good sport about it. Mom often brought Boomer in for visits but after suffering through the obligatory petting, he would hop off baby grandma's lap and sit by the door. Little snot. There he would wait patiently until mom left and baby Grandma shouted, "Good-bye little traitor dog. You'll be back."And he was. And they went through the same thing every time. But it delighted Grandma to no end just to see him. I know when Boomer passes he will get some more quality time with Baby Grandma. It will be when my mom passes that things will get really interesting....

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