Live your best life?

Yeah, the country has been Oprah-fied and there are some great things she does suggest. But the best-life message can be frustrating when there are bills to pay and doors to be fixed and bathrooms to be cleaned. The constant reminder to stay in the moment really just makes me want to float above it. Secretly, my best life is occuring in the hills of Tuscany with a glass of red wine and a big plate of pasta. Why am I not there?


  1. Note: Oprah doesnt have children, she is not married, her "boyfriend" doesnt tie her to living in a certain location, she only talks about hanging out with one girlfriend (not a big support system), and she has a bazillion dollars.
    Oprah's advice is from a small point of view. She can suck it.

  2. Oh, and she has a 100 person staff that handles all her "problems."

    What does she even get from living in "the moment" except a void where the rest of life happens?

    Ok. End rant. :-)


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