Calling on experienced parents of boys

Well, we have officially entered the, "I don't want to go to school, school is stupid phase". It took two weeks to completely settle in. Combined with this, a pediatrian informed a friend that there is a very strong testosterone surge at age 7. This would explain the explosive entrances, the walks that are not strolls but a combination of wrestling and track and football all in one. Of course, I think my child is bright. I didn't read the entire nonfiction of the children's library to him for nothing. But, of course, he hates practicing reading. A few days ago he did not bring home his homework folder. We went back to school to retrieve it. In front of the teacher, he emphatically explained, "These readers are boring and stupid!" Calmly, in the manner that only a 20 -something with no children
and hoards of time on her hands can get away with she said, " Well, we all have to do things we don't want to do." She didn't think I'd already used that line? Oh well.
My heart breaks and my frustration rises at the same time. This kid with a creative brain and body growing so much faster than I can write is in turmoil and I want to be gentle, but I also want to just scream. Do it! Tow the line, and buck up! My daughter waltzes through school- she's just not bothered by all the "do this and do that" orders of the day. Her interpretation of school is that there are rules and his interpretation is that everyone is bossing him around. She has her faults for sure, but she takes everything in stride. And my son bucks it all every step of the way with his tender ego just hoping someone will light his fire and call him out as special.
This can be all too much when the socks just have to go on and the coat just needs to be zipped. Is this boy? Or just my boy? A little of both, I am sure. He is special, after all.

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