Who doesn't love a wedding?

Where, oh where have I been? The story is too long and not that interesting to tell, but I am back and will be post more regularly from now on. Thanks for your patience.

O.k. Who doesn't love a wedding? Well, my six-year old son and a handfull of deaf aging men, but aside from that? Recently we had a grand time gettting dressed up for my sister-in-law's wedding. After my son survived the most happily tearful exchanging of vows I have ever witnessed (bride and groom were alternately dabbing their eyes with handkerchiefs the size of a small table cloth),we got to attend a "wicked party" according to my daughter. Said son made these two comments during the ceremony: "WHEN will this be over?" and "This is disgusting! I am ready to take off!" (whispered loudly during the kiss). Ok. So we know how that went. I considered it a success that he did not crawl under the chairs or actually leave the ceremony. After sitting through the meal, a fabulous auntie from my side of the family rescued him and took him off to his natural habitat-- the Science Museum in Minneapolis, which apparently, is a fine place to be on a Saturday night if you don't like crowds and/or weddings. He had the dinosaur skeletons and his auntie to himself.

The "wicked party" began when the music began to play and my daughter and a bunch of mid-twenties gals found their bliss on the dance floor. Why do so many of us lose this pleasure? I love to dance. I am no good, but my mom and dad did it regularly while courting and my dad loves it, too. At my own wedding, my favorite pictures are of dad and my sis not just cutting a rug but burning it up. So daughter must have inherited this from my dad- she was positively glowing and relentless on the dance floor. Twirling and moving without a care in the world and soaking up the music while mommy-me cringed at the thought of her absorbing too many of the lyrics. I am old. But we continued to dance with aunts and cousins and strangers and on some occasions, she twirled about on her own. I flashed back to a different wedding when she was two and half and there was chamber music- but the smile and the twirl were the same. Keep it, I whispered to myself all night long. Keep this joyful uninhibited desire. Keep twirling.


  1. I remember such bliss...I am twirling right now, if only in my head.


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