Everything is just peachy!

Have you ever wondered how things that you never really thought much about before can suddenly become the only thing you think about? Such is the case with peaches. Or should I say, lug. You know-- big boxes of peaches come in lugs. I bought one. I never knew I wanted one until, say three days ago when I aquired one. This occurred because my kids have been wanting me to make jam. They love jam and I learned to be proficient at canning jam and even better at gathering berries over the summer- a combination of wild and tame and generally a hodgepodge of whatever I could get my hands on. But then the tv became a problem and this became a problem for the berries which is just nuts but so it goes. How this relates to peaches is circular so try to follow this: I freeze the berries as we gather them and put them in our basement freezer. Shiny globes of raspberries and strawberries and few blueberries filled the freezer. But then a mental storm broke out- fights with wanting too much tv ensued and in a fit of frustration, the breaker to the tv was turned off so little ones thought the tv was broken. Parents thought they were clever and children started fundrasing to fix the tv. A few days later someone goes to the basement for a few frozen berries to put in a smoothie only to discover a gorgeous red puddle of berry juice cutting a fine line througout the basement floor. Yep- the circuit connected to the tv was connected to the freezer. Clean-up was not fun. No berries meant no jam and the tv was miraculously fixed. Which brings me to the peaches- the only fruit ready for jam making, which seemed like a fine idea three days ago. But now it is two days before we leave on a week long trip and jam making doesn't seem like the thing to do. The fruit flies threaten to swarm and the peaches will rot so the only thing to do is make jam, which is what got me into this mess anyway.
Three hours later:
I did it. It's pretty and yummy and things are just peachy.

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