What's it gonna bee?

I am not completely unhip. I know The Black Eyed Peas are more than a food. But when it comes to lyrics sometimes I just don't get them. This is not new. My sister can vouch for many an incorrect understanding of song lyrics while smirking with delight in catching me mess up. I am unflappable though and will stand by what I think I heard. Until this song. The kids caught me singing something about a "bumble bee" and I just said, "Hey ! You guys love that bumble bee song!"

Total silence and then big howls of laugther and calls for "Dad! Dad! Mom thinks it's bumble bee!" This prompted a spontaneous dance party with "I'm mo be" blasting at full throttle and 3 people mocking me by inserting "Bumble bee" for "I'm mo bee" and few 'buzzz's' for good measure. I still don't think my interpetation is all that off. "I'm mo be" is slang for cripes sake. But most good humor usually has a bit of a sting to it, and thankfully I am not allergic.

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