This is for the birds.

True story:

Ben is obessed with pets. He's so desperate for them that any creature that moves slowly enough will become a pet. I watched him methodically throw a frisbee at a birdhouse until in tilted enough for a nest to fall out. With glee he scooped up whatever was in it. I waited. Five minutes passed and he ran inside clutching a little bird. It was chirping and and flapping about but not really able to escape. It's no surprise the bird became a pet for 36 hours. He tried to devise an appropriate bird house but was not successful when I pointed out that no air could get in or out of many of his contraptions. He eventually settled on the dog kennel. He wanted the bird in his room. So in it went until Bob put Ben to bed and the bird would not shut up. Ben told Bob that he could interpret "bird" and the bird was not talking nice about him. So the bird went downstairs where it chirped ALL NIGHT LONG. The next morning we were heading to camp. Ben suggested it was time to set the "little guy" free. He tosssed him off our deck where the bird flew/fluttered/flailed to the safety of a tree. Ben's conclusion? "He struggled a bit, but I think he'll be o.k. "

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