I want my own bumper sticker. You know, like the ones that say "Start Seeing Motorcycles" or "Start Seeing Pedestrians" or whatever. Mine will read "Start Seeing Shit" because even though the things I am asked to locate in one day don't belong to me, apparently I am Goddess of Everyone's Shit so I must know where it is. This is crass. Oh well. "Start Seeing" doesn't seem to pack enough punch and since we don't use fists in our house (Well, ok. Ben does. But only sometimes.) we do use words. As a lover of words it's always best to be decriptive, to the point, and in this case, all-encompassing. I am open to gentler suggestions. But...should I be?

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  1. How about "Start Seeing Your Own Shit"? No gentler, I know. :) Or this one: PAY ATTENTION! ;)


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