The County Fair

I love the county fair. I am sure it has much to do with growing up on 4-H in Woodbury County. It's just so fun to see the earnest kids trying their hand at skills that are still appreciated such as jam making and sewing (did you know people still do that?) despite the fact that many of those kids have a cell phone in their back pocket. And where else can you let your kid play a game for $5.00 and win a toy that is worth 5 cents? Oh, yeah. Chuck-E. Cheese.

But the county fair atmosphere is so much better! Under a fading pink sky, we walked from the petting zoo which consists of exotic animals like chics and bunnies and baby calfs to the chicken and rabbit barn (a personal favorite) to get a milk shake (the best EVER) from the dairy stand. Then we made our way into the midway and among the startling music (sex on the beach was a lyric I wasn't expecting to hear), I saw a mom simultaneously wrestling a toddler in one hand while texting with the other, and two physically challenged kids cheer their sister on as she raced down a slide. Constant dichotomy. I love it. Grandpa with toddler girl on the ferris wheel and tweens in too small shirts running through the crowd without notice of anyone but themselves. Cows doing their business whenever the moo-d strikes them and the stiff upper-lip of the 10 year old boy trying to harangue said cow into obeying just this once. It was a tattoo extravaganza and if I ever decide I need one, I have some great ideas now. But I also know where our local heritage family farms are now and that's seems like good information to have. Honestly, I felt sad for all the texters. There was so much to see that I couldn't have strayed from the moment if I tried.

People wax poetic about the Minnesota State Fair--'tis true it is a gift. But I'll take hundreds instead of thousands and continue to support my local dairy council.

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  1. I love that line "I couln't have strayed from the moment if I tried." Great work Lisa!


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