Why didn't I think of this?

Every once in a while you come across something that seems to have been born of your mind--only someone else got to it first. Well, here is something my husband stumbled across and it just made me laugh and then wonder--why did this never occur to me? Check out this link and you will understand. Excuse the crass language in the title, but we all know it's perfect. http://shitmykidsruined.com/

A few things I could have contributed:
1) A nice glossy photo of a then new Honda mini-van with equally fresh inscriptions made by the sharpest rock EVER. Lucy, at age 4, was practicing her newly acquired writing skills. If you look closely (and you still can because it is still there), the words look like L ucy devil.

2) Same child, different year. Picture a stone fireplace. It's a place of warmth and apparently happiness due to the blue smiley face that will never fade-- permanent blue sharpie script never does.

3) The creme de la creme would be a picture of our newest television. It's a flat screen with a dent off to the side and rainbow etched lines shooting forth from said dent in a star burst pattern. This was caused by our son in a story I am not yet ready to tell.

I say none of these things with pride. Only that stuff happens despite your best intentions and in the end, children are independent creatures with minds of their own. I would be much more worried about myself if I couldn't now laugh at much of it. The tv bit still stings, but pass no judgement dear friends. If you are childless, you may never understand and that's ok by me. If you aren't and you still don't get it, you should not waste one more second reading my blog and probably not invite me for coffee. I feel the conversation might be stilted.

In the future, I see Shit The Dog Has Ruined. I am working on getting my photos together this weekend.

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