A note about my books

Since my book page went up, I have had a few questions such as, "What? No 3 star books?" and "Hey- why only one star for something you liked and no stars for a book by one of your favorite authors?" Ok. So here is what I know as someone who sells books: You can know your reader pretty well and still hit a clunker. I am not being obnoxious when I say that I do pretty well at work. I feel like I know the right questions to ask and my scope of authors is not bad and I have memorized a few big author series in the genres where I am weak (science fiction and fantasy), but it is still hard to be certain because we are all so different. So I think my ratings are downplayed so as not to disapppoint. It happens far too often when somone gushes over a life-changing book that you can't wait to get to and when you finally get to it, your reaction is, huh? What was the big fuss? So it is safe to say that if I give a book 2 stars it really is just a damn good book. If I give a book 3 stars, it means it's damn good and for whatever reason, it is going to stick with me for years. This is why I put Here If You Need Me on my list of top 10 books of all time. I read it every year and find something new. It's the closest thing I will probably ever use as a bible. So to me that's big. To you, it might not be. Also, you can google reviews as well as me. This is just my take which may not be your take, but it is some place to start if you are looking for a good book.

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