Wanted: Male Followers

A charming uncle of Bob's has noted my blog is estrogen-rich. Well, yes. My own brother hasn't officially signed up though I know he reads. I have a father-in-law who may take a peek or two so here is my call: Ladies sign up again with men's names and men, sign up! I am way short of my 100 goal and April will be here soon!
If Ken McCullough is out there, please sign up and you can gasp at how incorrectly I use my dashes! Old habits die hard. Ken is a former writing teacher of mine and our current Winona Poet Laureate. He is an amazing poet and writer in general, and even though I know I am letting him down, his male internet presence would be appreciated. Other males I am after include Chris Livingston from The Book Shelf (my boss), my dad, Ted Reilly, David Lynch, and Chris Michener. Michael Perry (author of Population 485, Truck: A Love Story, and most recently COOP) would be a long shot but very cool. I wouldn't mind seeing my old speech coach Jerry Hyler's mug appear, along with my high school junior prom date, Jason Holcomb. I don't know what kind of computer skills Larry Wolner, owner and chef at The Blue Heron has, but it seems he would sometimes enjoy this and I can picture Carew from Mugby Junction sneaking a glance now and then. Bill Perry and Jim Warburton may feel obligated, but let me tell you this: any female insight is bound to make your marriage happier. I like men. I married one. Speaking of my man...won't YOU sign up?


  1. I'm a man and I'm here and I am proud of my sister! Love ya.

  2. The last one mentioned, yet FeedDemon is now waiting, waiting, waiting...


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