Well, so much for deadlines!

So I promised that I would post on Mondays and Wednesdays and already I broke my promise. Life just gets in the way. A sick baby yesterday made it hard to type as he was sprawled across my lap for most of the day when he wasn't sleeping. Part of what happened in the last session was putting out to my friends ways in which they could help me. Now, this may not seem like a big deal but we all know how hard it can be to ask for help. Especially for something so apparently selfish. I couldn't really force myself into committing people to specifics, but there were offers for childcare, phone calls, offers to connect me with people who might be helpful to me, etc. Fast forward to the first day I missed my self-imposed deadline. I get a call from one of the women who participated. She had been ruminating on me and her oldest daughter, as well. Her daughter has babysat for my kids and she actively enjoys them! How wild is that? The thrill of a non-relative liking your child never dies:) Her daughter is looking for volunteer opportunites because she has a light semester in school. More about this girl in the future because when I was her age, I was not looking for meaningful ways to spend my time! This is probably why I am on this journey in the first place--being such a slow starter and all. Anyway, C thinks of me and my kids and B's affection for them and suddenly I have an offer of-- can B spend two hours with my kids on Thursdays? It's voluntary- they called me so no payment is required. C knows me, however, and told me that I could do whatever I felt comfortable doing. Cartwheels and hugs notwithstanding, I see a number of books in B's future.
I can now find 2 hours of uninterrupted writing time that will be scheduled like a "job". This will not take me on the fast track to a starred review in Publishers Weekly, but it's a start.
I am not sure if anyone is wondering what ideas spewed forth from the last session, but I just want to share a few of the ideas that people put out there based on their kind dissection of my personality and abilities and interests. Repeatedly, the idea of helping some underserved population came up. There were ideas of tutoring and offerings of baked goods- either at an open room in the high school after hours or even someone's garage. The Women's Resource Center was brought up. Since my interest in public speaking is apparent, maybe I could develop a class that teaches women how to promote themselves in the work place emphasizing positive communication skills. Community Education is always looking for instructors for this type of thing, too. Of course, getting a speech team going came up. I can't talk about my past without waxing poetic about Mr. Hyler(my high school speech coach) and his influence in my life. The mother of all ideas was a pod-cast radio show. I expressed interest in being on the radio even though I have NO raio experience whatsoever- except that I am an avid listener to MPR and when in the Cities, a few women-related talk shows. But it is intriguing because....I like to talk.
There you have it. Does anyone else out there have any thoughts? I am going to let you all stew on that while I leave you to wonder about my reactions. They are still simmering.
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  1. I have you bookmarked! Yep, bookmarked. I love checking in with you. I am still wondering how to officially become a follower. I hope to figure it out before your April 1st deadline. K

  2. I am truly looking forward to a novel or a book of your blog entries coming in the future. Anything you do makes us proud. We are really enjoying reading your blog, yes even your brother, he has even been printing them out to keep. I say go where ever your heart takes you. Love you sis


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