Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Well, I have totally misssed all my deadlines. So much for that. You will just have to check on a regualar basis to see what is happening. (By the way, the fun continues in Family Fodder. Check out my latest TRUE stories!) I am still inching my way along in navigating this site myself so for all the gaffes, I do apologize. Though Julia would NEVER apologize! In cooking and in life, she just barrelled straight ahead with little remorse. She wasn't mean and not all that introspective regarding her self. She just loved, loved, LOVED life and was intensely curious about everything. I read My Life in France for a book group. I had also read Julie and Julia and, of course, saw the movie. I proclaim all three worth your time. Above all, I am taken with her spirit and her love story. Amazingly enough, her unforgettable food quest did not begin until she was 40, and she and her husband remained partners in love until his death. This inspires me because growing up in this youth-dominated culture, it would appear life ends and romance ends at 40. But when you are staring at it, living it, you realize,"Hey, this is really just getting started." How great is that? All these things are swirling in my head because my hubby and I were just checking in the other night, wondering what our next adventure should be. We both are addicted to security so despite some wild ideas we have discussed multiple times, we haven't made the move to rock any boats yet. But it gives me satisfaction just to have the conversations.

Do I read too much into these little signs....or not?

A while back, I enrolled in a local program to get my reading certificate. It's all the rage now. Despite being an English teacher, I didn't understand the science behind teaching someone how to read nor did I really know how to teach reading. Since I didn't have a job and I felt a little bored, school on the weekends seemed like an acceptable and useful way to do something for me that might make me more marketable. I didn't really end up liking the program, per se. The science wasn't my cup of tea though the information was useful. I learned I am not good at statistics or linguistics. Testing and re-testing and sorting through minutae was as enjoyable as visiting the dentist to me. However, I did like learning about the reading levels of literature and how to assess that as well as evaluating textbooks and other materials for the classroom. Teaching basic study skills is something I knew how to do, but my ideas were re-enforced and now I have a bigger cache of resources. Where I am going with this is that I learned I did not want to be a reading specialist. Too much of what is involved is not where my talents lie but having that certificate might get me in a job at a community college to teach reading and study skills. I took the course work and the magic test and ....did not pass the magic test. I set myself up for failure by really believing based on past experience that long, dry standardized testing is not my forte. I almost passed, but since there were no jobs waiting in the wings I just let it go. However, the director of our program was in the book store last week. She was 'so glad to run it to me. She proceeded to tell me there are some openings in some community colleges teaching reading and study skills. It would be great if I took that test again. Soon. By July. They are changing the standards and it's going to get harder.

The thought of studying for and taking this test makes me want to vomit. But. Trying my hand at community college teaching could be interesting-especially working with the non-traditional student population. Again...I though I was done with teaching. But is teaching done with me? I am. If I take it and pass, more doors open. If I take it and fail, I feel like a schmuck. I am not out that much except time that I could be blogging, painting my nails, organizing the sock drawer, etc. Question answered? I don't know. Help!



  1. Perhaps the key is deciding how much you want to teach non trad students at community college. Does that goal provide the energy to leap the hurdle of the test? It might be better to focus on the other side of the hurdle rather than the hurdle itself.

  2. First of all, you are not going to take it and fail. Success is 50 percent self-confidence. See yourself succeeding, believe that you truly can, and you will increase your potential tremendously (and that's before you even crack a book!) I agree with Margaret, focus on the other side of the hurdle.

    Secondly, you should take the test whether you know you'll look for a job in the CC sector or not. Education and certifications are two of the few things in life that no one can take away from you.


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